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Striving to be the top manufacturer, supplier and distributor of clean and healthy water by using a machine called Atmospheric Water Generator or Water from Air while also providing water solutions with the challenges of the supply of clean and healthy water by applying different types of purification systems that will ensure the good quality of water. 

Drinking water is in scarce supply and constrained through environmental impacts such as drought has in recent times gravely affected South Africa. 

SucXeed Process

Sucxeed Atmospheric water is water that is generated from the air around you or air that you breathe, the air is cooled to it’s dew point and every drop is caught and then filtered. Ozanation and UV light are used to sterilize before being bottled to provide you with a pure and clean drinking water.

Our mission

Sucxeed Projects strive to remain the premier choice for water as a whole. We will work towards making a difference in the lives and future of our employees and our communities while advancing the success of our customers. Our vision includes expanding our company into new markets by becoming a low-cost, high-value provider of quality products and services to countries all over Africa providing water to our continent. We aim to maintain our reduced time-to-market than that of our competition. Through the use of key business markers, we work toward reaching 100% quality and 100% on-time delivery to develop satisfied customers with which we can grow. Our work force will be trained in critical skill areas to remain competitive. We will foster a Rapid Response Company Culture that seeks the simple solution to any challenge presented.

Benefits of Atmospheric Alkaline Water

PH alkaline water has long been regarded as a “miracle of nature”
by those well-versed in holistic medicine.


Balance your PH

The body tries to naturally maintain the acid-alkaline balance of your blood. But when your body is overly acidic, your system has to work even harder to keep that balance. That can in turn cause stress in other areas. When your body becomes too acidic, it can interfere with the activity of all the cells in your body.

Alkaline water is a type of water with a higher pH than regular water and negative negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP), and the best type is naturally alkaline spring water.  This is a measure of acidity — a low pH level indicates a more acidic substance while a higher pH is more alkaline. Too many hydrogen ions means less oxygen is available to the cells, resulting in higher acidity when pH drops. Fewer hydrogen ions mean more oxygen is available, leading to a more alkaline, or basic, state. There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.

Because it has a higher pH level, alkaline ionized water is supposedly more beneficial than your basic tap water. It typically clocks in with a pH level around 8 or 9 while the pH of water is usually closer to 7.0 or less. It’s also said that alkaline water offers more key minerals the body needs to function properly, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

On average, your pH levels should be approximately a 7.365 for the blood on a scale between 0–14, leaving the blood at a 60/40 alkaline-to-acid ratio.

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